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Releases: Adrianotiger/desktopPet

Version 1.3.1

30 Aug 11:28
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Version 1.3.1

  • Trying to implement scaling for HD-monitors.
  • Updated Windows libraries.
  • Portable: Pet list is now loaded dynamically and ordered by date
  • Portable: Pet Info shows the HTML components (br and link)
  • Editor can create icons from a png image now

Version 1.2.6

05 May 06:47
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Version 1.2.6

  • Pet will not steal the taskbar focus anymore. You can activate this feature in the option menu (if you have a pet that need it).
  • Improved stability.
  • UWP: Pet selection was on a single line. Now you can see all mates on the page, not only the last 5-6.
  • gSheep rainbow (thanks Oliver!): change the color of the pet, with over 250 animations! *
  • Editor: improved the editor, with new animation checks and detect wrong values (causing app crashes).

Version 1.2.5

14 Oct 14:20
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Version 1.2.5

  • On multiscreens, a child never appeared on the secondary screen.
  • Due a wrong sound library version, the sounds never played in the last release.
  • Settings didn't loaded correctly in the portable version
  • Now you can move the window and the mate will move with it, without falling down
  • UWP: the settings didn't applied immediately, but only after a new start*
  • UWP: volume settings had a strange format (example 10.500000005% instead of 10.5%)
  • Negima! mascots added to the pets*

UWP settings: #37

Version 1.2.3

04 Oct 12:35
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Version 1.2.3

  • Solved cut bug: pet was cut if it was walking outside your screen just a little bit.
  • Application will update over GitHub, not aynmore.
  • Recompiled with Visual Studio 2019

UWP 2.3

  • Integrate v1.2.3 version
  • Recompiled for Windows 1903
  • Use new libraries to save settings and store new pets

Note: Please use the offline editor (included in the assets) to create new pets.

Desktop v1.2.1

02 Jul 13:01
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Updated version (from UWP 2.1).

  • improved border detection
  • improved spawn
  • improved multiscreen (pet will be cut when leaving the screen instead of showing it on the next screen)
  • GitHub mates! From now, UWP, portable and Javascript applications can access directly the GitHub repository, so everyone can upload it directly to GitHub *

* Please use the offline editor to create your animations. Or at least to check if everything is ok with your xml.

Version 2.1

28 Jun 16:07
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A small update but with a big improvement.
The math to calculate the screen borders was wrong.

In this release, your pet will walk up to the screen border and will not stop 2-10 pixels before.

On Multi Screens you saw also the pet walk away from one screen to the other one. This is now solved and you will not see the pet on the second screen before it spawns again.

Together with the application update you will be able to download also Neko, another old screen mate.

Editor 0.4 (beta)

28 Jun 16:02
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Editor 0.4 (beta) Pre-release
  • Improved the save feature. Now the application should ask if you want exit, if the animation is not saved.
  • Improved the sound nodes. You should be able to add more than 1 sound for each animation id.
  • Improved border detection.
  • Help button will open the wiki

Version 0.3 (beta)

14 Jun 11:42
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Version 0.3 (beta) Pre-release
  • Added GraphViz
  • Changed WebView component, so it should work also on Windows 7

Pet Editor (alpha,

07 Jun 15:55
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I begun to write the offline pet editor.
It is just a preview, just to show how it could be. Please report any error.

  • Compile/Run is not implemented (just save it as XML)
  • Test pet is not implemented
  • Help is not implemented

Version 2.0 build.4

24 Apr 07:59
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Application didn't started the sheep on windows startup.
Should be solved, but you have to activate it again if the app is already installed.