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Just my .vimrc file
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My .vimrc

This is my .vimrc file, which contains my configuration and plugins for vim.

Setting it up

###Vundle This file depends on Vundle to manage plugins. This allows me to keep my plugin dependencies on this file, not having to keep my full .vim folder under version control. If you plan to use this file, you will have to install it before (good luck if you are on Windows :) ).

#####NOTE You will need to run :PluginInstall for the plugins to be installed by Vundle.

###Airline patched fonts Since I use Airline Plugin, I have to use a patched font in order to see the symbols of this plugin. I am currently using Consolas for powerline FixedD, so if you don't have it installed you should comment that line.

###Airline custom theme I use a custom theme I made for Airline. If you want to use it, you must copy monowarm.vim into ~/.vim/vim-airline/autoload/airline/themes (~/vimfiles/vim-airline/autoload/airline/themes if you are on Windows).

Otherwise, you must use a built in theme (I have already chosen one in .vimrc).


If you use vim or gvim on Windows, you will probably have to rename this file to _vimrc for it to work.

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