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Archives of 2018


Sample Projects

  • Blangular - Blazor + Angular, by Daniel Roth.
  • BlazorAzureSignalRService - Blazor + Azure SignalR Service.
  • ASP.NET Core Blazor CRUD - ASP.NET Core Blazor Master/Detail CRUD with Filtering and Sorting using EF.
  • BlazorNasaImages - A sample Blazor app that fetches the Nasa Astronomy Picture of the Day.
  • BlazorPong - 8 bits pong with blazor and signalR. Warning: Blazor Pong is not finished and is stopped with a knowed SignalR issue with Blazor, more info here.
  • Demo - Code of the official demo website.
  • TrendTv - Fetch video list from YouTube and "zap" in real time between trending videos, filtered by country or category.
  • VocaDB lyrics - VocaDB lyrics display Blazor proto. Demo.
  • Blazor.DataDrivenLayout - Two example of how to do data driven layouts in Server-side Blazor.
  • BlazorPass - Blazor UI and ASP.NET Core API to manage Active Directory credentials.
  • Blazor Sushi - Kendo UI Sushi SPA recreated in Blazor.
  • RSS Reader - RSS Reader built using Blazor.
  • BlazorGeolocation - An example of using Geolocation with Blazor.
  • FMRL - Ephemeral Message Service. Messages sent are encrypted, securely transferred, and automatically deleted when they are retrieved.
  • Do - To Do app.
  • Blazor Contoso University - Contoso University in Blazor.
  • Hacker News Clone - Hacker News Clone. Demo.
  • Randify - Spotify Playlist randomizer.
  • Realworld - Blazor realworld example app. Demo.
  • RxBlazor - Rx.NET based MessageService demo for Blazor Framework.
  • BlazorChat - Real-time chat app using ASP.NET Core and Blazor, from Daniel Roth.
  • MatchingGame.Blazor - A sample by Dan Roth.
  • BlazorClipboard - Clipboard API for Blazor.
  • Blazorships - Blazorships, a Blazor implementation of Battleship using SignalR.
  • Calamari Blog - A simple blog and portfolio site running on Squidex.
  • Quick CMS - Personal blog engine.
  • Blazume - A simple portfolio/Resume template using Blazor.


Libraries & Extensions

  • Toastr - A Blazor port of Toastr.js.
  • Trail - DSL for writing Blazor markup in F# (with an adapter for working with BlazorRedux).
  • BlazorSplit - Resizeable split views (Demo).
  • Elmah.Io.Blazor - Logs from Blazor to using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.




Presentations slides


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