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Video Streaming

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This is a repo of notes and related things per my Twitch streaming. I'll keep an index of the particular files listed here in this

  • Startup Checklist - The checklist I go through as part of the routine for kick starting the stream.
  • Recording Gear / Hardware - Gear I specifically use for my stream.
  • Advocate - Where to tell people about what you're coding on your stream.
  • Music - Music streaming services that'll help keep your audio from being muted by Twitch/YouTube, etc.
  • Gotchas - Things that don't always make sense, that cause problems, and just we need to be aware of when streaming via various operating systems. So far I've started this list covering some MacOS and Windows gotachase, and adding Linux gotchas as they appear.
  • Culture - Adding a culture document, i.e. as Ambrose wrote, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".
  • Streaming Meetups - A few notes, ideas, thoughts, checklist additions, and related material around video streaming meetups.
  • Discord - Another tool routinely used by gamers for chat, push button talk, video chat, and other features and capabilities.
  • Curated List of Coding Streamers - This is a list I've put together around some of the streamers I specifically aim to watch.
  • Meetup Streaming Kit Gear - This is a list of gear I've put together for streaming meetups, or related events where there is a speaker and their respective slide deck. This gear will allow good sound and the ability to capture that slide deck for the stream!
  • Post Stream Actions - These are some actions to take just after the stream to ensure content, follow up material, and archive of the video is done.


My current schedule is listed on my Twitch account under events.

Other Streams

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