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Add reviews to the Wiki, feel free to edit reviews and make them better but all reviews must be positive towards FOSS (obviously if a FOSS program is bad you can say so). I (Adam) have an RSS feed monitoring the changes in the Wiki and I will pull (update) from here whenever an appropriate edit is made.

Version numbering: If you update a review to review a new version of the program, update the version number, if you have an older version of the program, then don't edit the review. Edit: Always review the stable version.

The 'Total' score is the mean of the others, round as appropriate.

Also, all of your contributions are licensed under CC-BY 3.0. This means that anyone can use your information as long as they link back to the site or otherwise attribute us.

CiabattaMatter (low-key vandal): Actually, in response to your light vandalism, feel free to do more. This is a Wiki page, the actual website is the verified pages, if you vandalize, I can simply ignore the changes and revert when I have time. Hopefully there will be some decent edits eventually. Anyhow, Wikipedia is easy to vandalize...

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