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A gelfling transport for winston. Inspired by winston-graylog2 transport.


Tested on node-0.6.x, requires npm.

  $ npm install winston-gelfling


  var winston = require('winston');
  winston.add(require('winston-gelfling').Gelfling, options);

Options are the following:

  • level: Level of messages this transport should log. (default: info)
  • silent: Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output. (default: false)

  • graylogHost: IP address or hostname of the graylog2 server. (default: localhost)

  • graylogPort: Port to send messages to on the graylog2 server. (default: 12201)
  • graylogHostname: The hostname associated with graylog2 messages. (default: require('os').hostname())
  • graylogFacility: The graylog2 facility to send log messages.. (default: nodejs)
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