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As promised, happy 10th-anniversary bitcoin, and happy new beginnings to AdultChain. Please note there might have been some issues with some of the windows buttons rendering I'm not sure what happened there, I will update the release to v1.2.2.1 with some visual changes like I planned on doing earlier. The need to get this out was greater than anything like that so look forward to that sometime soon.




Ask and you shall receive one Mac OS X wallet that works with High Sierra /me dabs, had to provision this on a Vagrant VirtualBox build which I guess is not widely being done, so it took me a few to find a build that would work with VirtualBox and the available system hardware here. Long story short we now have a pretty decent way to get Mac OS X release built properly and cleanly!

I have updated the splash screen to reflect the new version so its obvious right away. Also more pleasing on your eyes at night hope you enjoy!

Build Specs

  • ProductName: Mac OS X
  • ProductVersion: 10.12.6
  • BuildVersion: 16G29







The blockchain is now taking long enough to load that some people will appreciate this bootstrap of the blockchain, both the bootstrap and linux daemon have been built buy @zoldur, hes acutally been a huge help in AdultChain v1.2.2 implementation. Very much appreciated and much respected, thank you Zoldur!



@AdultChain AdultChain released this Oct 30, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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Updating some of the code with our own spork keys, after project passed hands, as sporks were never turned on properly.

Updated the rewards so that blocks were not being skipped.

Protocol and versioning updates.

Apr 7, 2018
Update README.md

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Apr 7, 2018
Update README.md
Apr 7, 2018


Update README.md