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Create your own swatch

1. Download Bootstrap

Download the latest Bootstrap source from Unpack it to the swatchmaker directory and rename the folder bootstrap.

This can be done automatically by running make bootstrap.

2. Install LESS

If you haven't already, install LESS to your machine via NPM. More information on that here:

3. Customize Bootstrap

Make your customizations to the two files found in the swatch directory, variables.less and bootswatch.less.

4. Build Customized Bootstrap

In terminal, navigate to the swatchmaker directory and run make bootswatch. The compiled CSS files will be created in the swatch directory.

You can run the watcher to automatically build Bootstrap whenever changes are saved with ruby watcher.rb. Requires gem install directory_watcher.

5. Reset Bootstrap

If you want to reset variables.less and bootswatch.less to defaults, run make default.