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Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware)
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Adyen Cartridge

Adyen provides a LINK cartridge to integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). This cartridge enables a SFCC storefront to use the Adyen payment service. This cartridge supports SFRA version 4.0.0 and SiteGenesis JS-Controllers.


The cartridge integrates Secured Fields for all card payments. Local/redirect payment methods are integrated with Checkout API. For Point Of Sale (POS) payments in SiteGenesis, we use Terminal API using Cloud-based communication.


It is required to have an Adyen account to use the cartridge. You can do this here.

Installation, Usage and Configuration

Installation, Usage and Configuration is explained in Adyen's online documentation.

Apple Pay configuration can be found here.


For further questions regarding the integration to Adyen, contact the Adyen Support Team or your Adyen account manager. Supply as much information as possible: your merchant account, timestamp, order number, PSP reference, etc.


MIT license see LICENSE.

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