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Aegir Cooperative Documentation

This project contains documents related to the Aegir Cooperative. It uses mkdocs to build the site at To get started contributing to this project, fork it on Github. Then install mkdocs and clone this repo:

$ brew install python;               # For OSX users only
$ sudo aptitude install python-pip   # For Debian/Ubuntu users only
$ pip install mkdocs
$ git clone
$ cd aegir-coop-docs
$ mkdocs serve

Your local aegir-coop-docs site should now be available for browsing: When you find a typo, an error, unclear or missing explanations or instructions, hit ctrl-c, to stop the server, and start editing. Find the page you’d like to edit. Make your changes, commit and push them, then start a pull request:

$ git remote add sandbox<username>/aegir-coop-docs.git
$ git checkout -b fix_typo
$ vi                           # Add/edit/remove whatever you see fit. Be bold!
$ mkdocs build --clean; mkdocs serve    # Go check your changes. We’ll wait...
$ git diff                              # Make sure there aren’t any unintended changes.
diff --git a/ b/
index 88f9974..e69de29 100644
$ git commit -am”Fixed typo.”           # Useful commit message are a good habit.
$ git push sandbox fix_typo

Visit your fork on Github and start a Pull Request.

To update the live site with changes, mkdocs provides a simple command to do so:

$ mkdocs gh-deploy --clean

Since this is a shared/distributed document, you'll want to both git pull and commit/push regularly so that we can all keep up-to-date with changes.