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Carbanak - part 1
Carbanak - part 2/билдер дляя ратов Source code Apr 22, 2019 Update May 1, 2019
moar-cupboats-for-u.png literally added a photo, no code, srry May 1, 2019
updated-tweet.png Added photo for the readme. Apr 23, 2019


-edit- xoxo

-Run in a VM, don't be derp-

If you're curious as to why, I think like 1 or 2 file hashes are slightly different, it's because I translated a couple RU sentences into EN. Other than that this is untouched from original files. Oh and if FLARE crew are hiring smart-ass millenials with barely any talent, no skill and zero previous experience... hit me up. ^^ shout-out to ThreatHunters

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