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In Crisis?

In Crisis is a tool for finding the most appropriate mental health support as fast as possible. It contains a database of every single community mental health team, recovery team, assessment team and crisis team in the UK.

The idea is to get the user to the most relevant help within 4 quick questions; 3 yes/no questions and a request for a postcode. This project was born from the frustation of being unable to easily obtain crisis information to signpost users I've been supporting on various groups.

What Are the Pathways?

The first question asked is "Are you in immediate danger?" If the answer is yes, the user is immedinately instructed to contact 999. The next question is "Are you known by a mental health team?" This is purely asked for determining the correct pathway based on the advice of each NHS trust.

If the user is known to mental health services, the next question is "Are you currently under a crisis team?" If the answer is yes, information for the nearest crisis team is displayed after asking for a postcode. If the answer is no, information will be displayed on the nearest crisis, community or assessment team based on the relevant Trust's procedures.

If the user isn't known to mental health services, they are asked "Are you able to wait for help?" If the answer is no, the nearest crisis or assessment team will be displayed if the relevant Trust allows self-referrals. Otherwise, it suggests calling the Samaritians. If the answer is yes, the user is instructed to either talk to their GP, or given details of their nearest community team, based on the relevant Trust's guidance.

In the future, I plan to add details for IAPT services, however gathering information on the various IAPT services is significantly harder than the already challenging task of maintaining a database of every community and crisis service.

License and Contributing

The project is licensed under a BSD 2-cluase license. You are free to take it and adapt it as you wish, but please keep in mind safety of your users, the potentially catastrophic results of data being out of date, and the danger of feature creep.

Contributions to this project are welcome, with the same warning as above.