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A library of Digital Assets, Tools and Scripts for SideFX Houdini.

The /otls folder contains approximately 100 SOP level HDAs which are available from the 'aelib' Tab submenu. These are categorised into the following sections:

  • Creators: Geometry creation SOPs, usually not requiring input geometry
  • Deformer: Modify geometry positions
  • Modify: Involve creating or destroying points/primitives and require input geometry
  • Curves: A variety of tools acting on polyline curves
  • IO: Operations for reading or writing files to disk
  • Solvers: Simulations and feedback loops
  • Utility: General purpose tools and miscellaneous items
  • Extensions: Similar to existing Houdini or 3rd-Party SOPs but with extra functionality

As well as the HDA collection, Aelib includes:

  • A shelf containing macros and useful python scripts
  • Several VEX include files adding a range of new functions
  • A VEXpressions.txt file which adds presets to wrangles
  • Bundled python2.7 libraries required for a small number of SOP nodes


The /examples directory contains hip files demonstrating usage of many of the Aelib SOPs. Each node also includes a help card detailing its inputs, parameters and behaviour. Many parameters include a rollover tooltip.

There are plans to add a github wiki to this repository, but it has not yet been implemented!

Installation (Houdini 17.5+)

  • Download and extract the repository and move it to any location
  • Create a folder called 'packages' in your Houdini home directory (e.g C:/Users/MY_USER/Documents/houdini18.0) if it does not exist already
  • Copy the Aelib.json file into the packages folder
  • Edit the json file to point to the Aelib parent directory (edit the "AELIB" line)
  • For more information on how package files work, see HERE


HDAs are periodically removed from the main library due to being superceded by new Aelib nodes or new Houdini nodes. These are kept in /otls/archive

If you would like to support the development of Aelib you can subscribe on Patreon.

Feedback and bug reports are always welcome!

This library is been heavily inspired by qLib.

qLib is an incredible resource and I would highly recommended installing and exploring it.


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