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Terminal Ip Lookup Tool
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Tilt: Terminal Ip Lookup Tool

An automatic ip lookup and reverse probing tool for passive reconnaissance

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Tilt: Terminal ip lookup tool, is an easy and simple open source tool implemented in Python for ip/host passive reconnaissance. It's very handy for first reconnaissance approach and for host data retrieval.


  • Host to IP conversion
  • IP to Host conversion
  • DNS to IPs
  • GeoIP Translation
  • Extensive information gathering trough Host-name
    • Whois with:
      • Registrar info
      • Dates
      • Name Server
      • SiteStatus
      • Owner information
      • Additional data
    • Sub domains
      • Percentage of access
    • Extensive Name Server
    • SOA Records
    • DNS Records with extensive data
  • Reverse IP Lookup
    • Extensive reverse IP lookup, looking for host with different IP on the same machine

Download and install

You can download the latest version by cloning Tilt from the Git repository:

git clone


Python 2.7.3 of course

With 0.6 version i decided to introduce a library needed to parse html... so you have to install BeautyfulSoup library ( But don't worry! It's easy!

pip install beautifulsoup4


easy_install BeautifulSoup4

or you just simply download the library and then

cd BeautifulSoup
python install


python [Target] [Options] [Output]

    -t, --target target       Target URL (e.g. "")
    -h, --help                Show basic help message
    -v, --version             Show program's version number
    -e, --extensive           Perform extensive ip lookup
    -r, --reverse             Perform e reverse ip lookup
    -g, --google              Perform a search on google
    -u, --update              Update program from repository
    -o, --output file         Print log on a file

    python -t -r
    python -t
    python -t -e -r -o file.log
    python -u




Feel free to contribute to this project, fork, submit and discuss!

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