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I can burn Aeroquad onto my Nano just fine, but it will not respond to ! over serial or allow the configurator to connect. I was able to burn the same sketch on my mega 2560 and my diecimila 328 just fine. They respond to serial and I can connect via the configurator. When using the mega I had #define AeroQuadMega_Wii in the configuration and for the other two, I used #define AeroQuad_Wii.

As a baseline I installed a couple different simple serial sketches which worked fine. I used 57600 baud in all cases.
I'm a programmer and I'd be happy to code it up and contribute it back if I were pointed in the right direction, but I haven't been able to figure out where to look. Even when I have #define DEBUG I don't see anything of use.


I put a bunch of serial print lines in and it looks like it dies when it gets to initReceiver(). Looking deeper...


It dies inside attachPinChangeInterrupt in Receiver_328p.h for pin 8.

PCICR |= 0x01 << port;

Setting the following works:


Which is not exactly ideal. I guess if it's a nano, we should map to another pin? are there any left?

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kh4 commented Feb 1, 2013

No more 'unofficial' boards will be added to the main software branch.

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