Questie v3.69

@Dyaxler Dyaxler released this Jan 25, 2017 · 6 commits to master since this release


  • The auto resize code was adding extra height to the QuestTracker when adding more than one quest at the same time or at odd times. Added a new refresh kicker to force it back into the correct width.
  • The hidden place holder button for the Minimize Tracker feature was still present while the QuestieTracker header was disabled. You could still minimize the tracker by accident. Added a check to only enabled the hidden place holder button when the header is enabled.
  • Aero and I added a check for level one characters that was causing some confusion. This check was intended to resolve a potential issue with players wanting to recycle an old character name they had previously deleted. A level one character with a level 30ish data base filled with completed quests could lead to some frustration. This has been corrected. If you're level one and have more than 3 quests in your DB, it will execute the check. Most level one characters get to level two during or shortly after completing their first quest. Once you get to level 2, you'll never see this check.
  • Fixed an issue with "faded tooltips". When visiting a vendor to sell off items, occasionally you'd notice that your Money Tool Tip containing the items sell value was "ghosted". This was caused from a Tooltip being set in too low of a FrameStrata. A reset was added a long time ago to fix this but apparently, it wasn't working in certain edge cases. Changed the reset to a higher FrameLevel and I'm not able to reproduce this issue anymore.

  • I found a small bug with the QuestieTrackedQuests functions. Some of the DB entries were being left behind. Added an additional logic check to make sure both DB's stay clean and trim.
  • More performance tweaks! I think I tracked down two of the biggest performance offenders and trottled them to make sure they only fire when absolutly needed. Tons of other functions were traced and duplicate, unnessary calls to the same functions have been removed or significantly reduced in frequency. I'm hoping you performance nuts will be impressed. :)
  • With the performance tweaks came an idea on how to re-impliment an old feature that everyone seemed to love. As you know I readded the QuestieTracker background and gave you all the ability to adjust is transparency level. It came back with the "fixed width". Now this width is dynamically adjusted based on the widest quest that is being tracked. The update is tied into QuestLog updates so it only fires when it's absolutly needed. So memory impact is extreamly low.
  • A few minor bug fixes here and there. I discovered a few nil errors after moving some of the functions around. Mostly triggered by a fresh character or a fresh install of Questie. Hopefully I got them all. Please report any bugs you find. My evening test run was cut short by the server maintenance. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to push out this release.