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Welcome to Aerolab!

Aerolab Welcome on a MacBook

Welcome is a macOS desktop app to help onboard new hires at Aerolab.

Built using Electron (Javascript + Node.JS), the app guides to through the process of setting up your Mac on your first day. It covers many tasks from your computer's name and creating a private key, all the way towards logging into our Slack channel.

This app assumes the Mac has been set up with our Mac Setup Script, which includes Brew, Brew Cask and a ton of extra utilities. If that's not the case, it should work fine as long as Git is properly configured.

Config Variables

You need to create an src/config.json file to add the semi-secret variables you need for the app to work properly:

  "gitlabLink" : "The link to the private GitLab",
  "sketchKey" : "The Sketch for Teams License Key",
  "whatsappLink" : "The Signup Link for the WhatsApp Group",
  "itMail" : "The mail for setting up your Private Key"

Dev Enviroment

It's a standard Node.JS app, so as usual you first need to install all the dependencies with

npm install

And then to start the development environment you run

npm run dev

Building the App

To build the production app you only need to run

npm install
npm run build

After Electron does it's thing, you'll find the final version for macOS (64 bit) under the build/ directory.


MIT © Aerolab 2017


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