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A specialized crawler that exposes RESTful APIs to its content. Also a famous beer. Also a plane from the WWII.
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A specialized crawler that exposes RESTful APIs to its content. Also a famous beer. Also a plane from the WWII.


Spitfire depends on PHP >= 5.3.5 and PEAR, if you are on Ubuntu, the given command line should install everything you need.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-pear

The following PHP dependencies should be installed via PEAR, below figures a list of the comand lines required to install everything.

sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear install Respect/Loader-0.2.0
sudo pear install Respect/Rest-0.4.1
sudo pear install Respect/Config-0.4.1
sudo pear install Respect/Data-0.1.5
sudo pear install Respect/Relational-0.4.4
sudo pear install Respect/Validation-0.4.4

If you like to user composer just run.

curl -s | php
php composer.phar install

The database isntructions can be found in the repository while in development. Please, be aware that everything in this database (while not in this repository) can be changed! The best option is to use MySQL Workbench and use the doc/spitifire.mwb to syncronise the database.


Only GET.

  • /legislativo/partidos_[ .html, .xml, .json ]_
  • /legislativo/TSE/partidos/{PARTIDO}_[ .html | .xml | .json ]_
  • /legislativo/TSE/partidos/{PARTIDO}/politicos_[ .html | .xml | .json ]_

Estrutura sugerida

  • União
    • Executivo
    • Legislativo
      • Parlamentares
        • Câmara dos Deputados
        • Senado Federal
        • União dos dois acima (Congresso Nacional)
    • Judiciário
      • STJ (paira sobre estrutura do judiciario)
      • STF (paira sobre estrutura do judiciario)
      • TSE (registro nacional de partido)
  • Estado
    • Executivo
    • Legislativo
      • Parlamentares
        • Deputados Estaduais
        • Assembléia Legislativa
    • Judiciário
      • Tribunais de Justiça
      • TRE - Tribunais Regionais Eleitorais
  • Munícipio
    • Executivo
    • Legislativo
      • Parlamentares
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