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Brunelleschi PC Client Changelog.pdf


Brunelleschi Unity Client v0.0.10.0


Oculus Path Integration

  • Oculus assets moved into main project
  • 4 Mode character movement and selection finished and added
    1. mouse_walk - body bound to head. look and QE turn both
    2. look_walk - mouse turns head, QE turns body, Tab re-aligns
    3. freeze_point - pointer appears controlled by mouse, body bound to head
    4. look_point - combination of freeze_point and look_walk
  • Oculus Main Menu added
  • Oculus Web Viewing Rooms (3) added
  • Oculus Model Settlement available
    • text-entry settlement selection scene added
  • Oculus Model Individual Districts (all 20) available
    • text-entry settlement selection scene added
  • 3D Settlement Menu navigation
  • Look to highlight/select from raycasts to collider triggers

Universal UI Upgrades

  • Framed District Map in most main buildings
  • Look(Oculus) or Mouse-Over(both) to highlight and see name on all buildings
  • Background Music (written for Brune!) added
  • Sound Options menu structure
    • mute/unmute
    • volume 1-10
  • Sound menu triggers with Options button and “O”

PC Path Character Controller Upgrade E-Q turning

Settlement Modeling Building Terrains have been enabled in the model settlement script

Bug Fixing Adjusted ‘through the wall’ benches in Port Authority Office Hitting ‘H’ while logging in should no longer pull up the Help menu H for Help and M for Map works throughout PC Path Game Scenes H for Help and M for Map disabled in non Game Scenes

Brunelleschi Unity Client v0.0.9.0


Individual District Representation

  • Added 20 new individual district scenes
  • Now able to load into first individual district (Fields) from Model Settlement Login
  • New Buttons in Model Settlement Login
  • Settlement Map menu in individual districts takes you to new district scenes
  • Settlement Map menu in full model settlement includes option to switch to individual district loading

Bug Fixing

  • Turned next to river in Fields the correct direction
  • Turned Lot 1 in Residential District correct direction
  • Turned Lot 15 in Plaza District correct direction
  • CapsLock now toggles between (no-mouse + mouse-follow) and (mouse + no-mouse-follow)

*Brunelleschi Unity Oculus Inner Courtyard Demo *

  • Oculus test scenes
  • Look at buildings to highlight and see name
  • Look at door for 5 seconds to highlight go through

Brunelleschi Unity Client v0.0.8.0


Settlement Map

  • Unavailable Districts in the Settlement Model are now unavailable for Teleportation
  • Fixed “flicker” problem with M for Settlement Map
  • Returned Mouse-over district highlights
  • Mouse-over district texts now visible in Settlement Map

UI Improvements

  • Radial loading image for Settlement Model
  • Splash loading screen for Singleplayer
  • Desk Menu collapses to view
  • CapsLock now toggles both cursor visibility and camera-to-mouse binding

Brunelleschi Unity Client v0.0.7.0


Settlement Map

  • Quick access to Settlement Map with S in both maps

Map Desks

  • Map Desks unified into 2 shared desk models
  • Maps are now all Render Textures


  • Normalmap bumping added to terrain textures
  • Grass added to maps

Changelog for Brunelleschi Unity Client v0.0.6


Web Views

  • Changed web views from Awesomium to Coherent UI
  • Web views now work for x86_64
  • Inserted Coherent UI web views into the settlement maps
  • Web views accessible from Desk menus

Bug Fixes in Model Settlement

  • Settlement Map teleports
  • Desk accessibility from inside Main Buildings
  • Auction House door to inside