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Better code block highlighting with Prism for Hexo, which exposes the full power of Prism with an elegent interface in markdown.

This is done by providing a custom before_post_render that replaces the original backtick code block. This package also includes a tag plugin that is similar to the original include_code tag, but works with Prism.


All code blocks in my blog are generated by this plugin. Please go and take a look. The source code is available on Github.


npm i -S hexo-prism-plus

The default highlight is automatically disabled, so no more change is needed.


Just write code using fenced code block syntax as usual. Additional options for Prism can be specified either inline or using a preset defined inside the site config file _config.yml.

```python preset=mypreset lineno=True line=1-4,7
# some code

Inline Options

Inline options are specified directly right after the opening fence, in the same line.

It has the format [language] (key=value)*. The first language option is mandatory, as Prism doesn't auto detect language. If missing, a default value from site configuration file is used, see Other Config Options for detail. You can find a list of supported languages on Prism official site.

Inline options take precedence over options set in preset. So you can load a preset and override some specific ones.

Note that for the simplicity of parsing, no space is allowed in both keys and values as it's used to seprate key-value pairs. While it is hardly needed, if in rare cases when you do want it, you can still specify value containing spaces and other special characters using presets.

Available inline options

Option Default value Meaning
preset None Load a preset.
lineno true Whether enable line number.
classes Empty Additional classes applied to the pre tag, splited by ,.
styles Empty Additional styles applied to the pre tag, splited by ;.
other None Directly passed as a data attribute of the pre tag. For example, line=1-4,7 will be <pre data-line="1-4,7">. This way, you can pass arbitrary options to Prism.


Preset allows you to group related options and apply them easily to multiple code blocks. They are specified in the site config file _config.yml as a dictionary, under prism_plus.presets.

            lineno: true
            classes: [ command-line ]
            user: username
            host: localhost
            output: 2
            lineno: false
            start: -5
            classes: [mycodeblock, otherclass]
                max-height: 30em

Then you can use these predefined presets in your post:

```bash preset=mypreset
echo "Cool!"

And it will be translated to

<pre class="line-numbers command-line" data-user="username" data-host="localhost" data-output="2">
<code class="language-bash">
echo "Cool!"

Tag Plugin

To insert code snippets from file with Prism highlight, use

{% includecode /path/to/file [inline options] %}

/path/to/file is relative to code_dir in _config.yml. And inline options have the same format as those used in backtick code blocks.

Customizing Prism

hexo-prism-plus automatically injects Prism js and css to rendered html files. So no theme support is needed.

Since there are too many languages and plugins to include them all, by default only a base version of Prism from CDN is injected, which includes a small set of languages. Other languages can be imported by including additional components.

The base version includes support for javascript, css, 'markup' (HTML, XML and other XML-based languages) and 'c-like'. Languages that you haven't imported support for will be left unstyled.

This injection can be customized by config options. For example, following is the default set of files injected by hexo-prism-plus:

            - prism.min.js
            - plugins/line-numbers/prism-line-numbers.min.js
            - themes/prism.min.css
            - plugins/line-numbers/prism-line-numbers.min.css

Files in vendors.prism and vendors.prism_css are injected to rendered html page. Note the value of vendors.prism and vendors.prism_css can be either a string or an array. If it is an array, files will be injected in order.

To save a few types, vendors.base_url can be used to set a common prefix for paths. It is unconditionally prepend to all elements under vendors.prism and vendors.prism_css.

It is also possible to use the configuration tool from Prism download page to create your customized build. Then simply use relative urls for vendors.prism and vendors.prism_css.

Other config options

The following is the default config with all available options. Config options not mentioned above is explained in comments.

    # Set to false to disable the plugin
    enable: true
    # Custom Prism path
            - prism.min.js
            - plugins/line-numbers/prism-line-numbers.min.js
            - themes/prism.min.css
            - plugins/line-numbers/prism-line-numbers.min.css
    # Default language if not specified inline in code blocks
    default_lang: clike
    # Default preset if no preset is specified inline
        lineno: true
    # All available presets