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Magatama is a Modern Mag Planner / Calculator for Phantasy Star Online.

This program is develloped as a Spiritual Sucessor to Mag Farm Version 0.9.7r2 by James Baxter, which i had some issue with.

  • I had problem with the drop-down list not showing their content, it sometime work other time not.
  • The user interface is in my opinion somewhat outdated and clunky.
  • Can't Update the Feeding Chart.
  • No Description for the Photon Blast
  • Lack of the Blue Burst Mag Cells.
  • Can't save the current Session for later use, only Export History.



  • Include the Feed charts for Version 1 & 2 and also Episode 2 and Later.
  • Include all Mag & Mag Cells.
  • Can Save the current Mag and load it later time.
  • Can Export the Output to Rich Text Format.
  • Can Easily see how many items have been feed in total and their individual cost.
  • Can Mass Feed an items by editing the Quantity Column then pressing it own button, if it is at 0 it will presume 1.
  • Can Mass Feed multiple items by pressing Mass Feed and it will feed every item with a quantity higher from 0 by Starting from Monomate to end at Star Atomizer.
  • Color Syntax in the Output.
  • Can Easily Edit the Mag by Pressing [F2]


  • Can change the Game Version to Load on new Mag
  • Can Edit the Default Selected Class and Section ID
  • Can edit the time between feeding
  • Can Edit the Default Stats for a New Mag.
  • Can toggle On or Off Racial restriction on Mag Cells.
  • Can Edit the Cost of each items


  • Can See Details about each Mag : Feed charts, Activation trigger and Percentage, Photon Blast.
  • Can Edit the Previous Details and the Feeding Charts


  • Can Edit the text and Color of Most of the UI by editing Theme.xml in Data
  • Can Edit most of the text by editing the appropriate xml files
  • Can Easily change the includes images

Keyboard Shortcut


  • Press [ CTRL+ N ] to Start a New Mag.
  • Press [ CTRL+ Shift + N ] to Start a New Blank Mag.
  • Press [ CTRL+ O ] to Open a Previous Mag save data.
  • Press [ CTRL+ S ] to Save your current Edit
  • Press [ CTRL + Shift + S ] to Save As...your current Edit as a new files
  • Press [ CTRL+ E ] to only export the Output
  • Press [ ALT + F4 ] to Exit the Program
  • Press [ CTRL+ Z] to undo the last feed item
  • Press [ CTRL+ Y] to redo the last feed item
  • Press [ CTRL+ R] to reset all the quantity column to zero.
  • Press [F1] for the About Magatama... Screen
  • Press [F2] to Edit the Mag Stats and the History. It unlock them no second interface.
  • Press [F3] to Edit the Settings


  • Press [ Ctrl + S ] to save the current Mag Data
  • Press [ CTRL + SHIFT + S ] to save the current Feeding Table
  • Press [ ALT + F4 ] to Exit the Program

Other Download for Releases


Magatama : a Modern Mag Planner / Calculator for Phantasy Star Online




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