An MMORPG client tuned for use with eAthena
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 Version:    Date: 03/29/2009

 Development team:
  - See AUTHORS file for a list

 Powered by:

  - SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer (Media framework)
  - Guichan (GUI framework)
  - libxml2 (XML parsing and writing)
  - PhysFS (Data files)
  - libcurl (HTTP downloads)
  - zlib (Archives)

0. Index

1. Account
2. Commands
3. Skills
4. Support

1. Account

To create an account, when you login for the first time enter the desired
username and a password of your choice then press the "Register button".
Remember that the server is only for demo and development purposes.

2. Commands


Use arrow keys to move around. Other keys:

- Ctrl               attack
- F1                 toggle the online help
- F2                 toggle profile window
- F3                 toggle inventory window
- F4                 toggle equipment window
- F5                 toggle skills window
- F6                 toggle minimap
- F7                 toggle chat window
- F8                 toggle shortcut window
- F9                 show setup window
- F10                toggle debug window
- Alt + 0-9          show emotions / usuable at skill level 2.
- Alt + S            sit down / stand up / usuable at skill level 3.
- Alt + F            toggle debug pathfinding feature
- Alt + P            take screenshot
- Alt + T            turns on anti-trade function / usuable at skill level 1.
- A                  target nearest monster
- H                  hide all non-sticky windows
- G or Z             pick up item
- Enter              focus chat window / send message


Left click to execute default action: walk, pick up an item, attack a monster
and talk to NPCs (be sure to click on their feet). Right click to show up a
context menu. Holding [Left Shift] prevents from walking when attacking.


- /help              Displays the list of commands
- /announce          broadcasts a global msg(Gm Cammand only)
- /clear             clears the chat window 
- /who               shows how many players are online
- /where             displays the map name your currently on 
- /whisper           send a private msg to another player
                        (format: /whisper <charname> <message>)
                     If the <nick> has spaces in it, enclose it in double
                        quotes e.g. /whisper "char name" <message>
- /record            Records the Chat output 
                     (format: /record <filename to write to> starts the record
                        session /record again 
                      stops the session)
- /party             <command> <params>: Party commands
 - /party new         creates a new party /party new <party name>
 - /party create      creates a new party /party create <party name>
 - /party prefix      This commands sets the party prefix character
                         /party prefix <prefix-char>
                      "/party prefix" reports the current party prefix
 - /party leave       This command causes the player to leave the party.
Type /help party <option> for further help.
- /present           This command gets a list of players within hearing
- /toggle            make the chatlog lose focus on a blank line or after
                       message. (format: /toggle <option>, where option can be
                       '1', 'y' or 't' to make the chatlog lose focus on a
                       blank line, and '0', 'n' or 'f' to make the chatlog lose
                       focus after every message.  /toggle displays the status)
For more information, type /help <command>

3. Skills

You can improve your skills by increasing job level. Each job level gives you 1
point to spend on skills.


Level 1:  enables the ability to trade with others
Level 2:  enables the ability to express emotions
Level 3:  enables character to sit
Level 4:  enables not used 
level 5:  enables the ability to join a party 
level 6:  enables not used 
level 7:  enables the ability to create a party 
level 8:  enables not used
level 9:  enables not used
level 10: enables not used

4. Support

If you're having troubles, please first of all read the FAQ.
If you can't find a solution to your problem, feel free to check our
Bugs/Support section of the forum:
or come visit us on our IRC channel:
- #aethyra @
- #aedev @

Otherwise check the AUTHORS file to have a list of developers and how to
contact them.