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A continual random font generator for increased privacy.
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Quick start guide to the Fluxfonts program and project

Fluxfonts – a continual font generator for increased privacy

See `COPYING` for the copyright notices and license terms of this
project. See `AUTHORS` for a complete list of project contributors.

See `intro.en.html` for an explanation of the general purpose and
need for the Fluxfonts program. The document can be obtained from
the project’s web site if not included in the distribution.

New fonts are generated by the daemon every 2 to 40 minutes. Fonts
are generated at random times in this time window. However, they
are generated more often when not running on battery power.

See `INSTALL` for installation instructions.

The program is test compiled on FreeBSD, OS X, and Ubuntu- and
Debian GNU/Linux. Windows is unsupported at this time.

See `CONTRIBUTING` for guidelines on and acceptance criteria for
contributing back to the project.
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