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PicoLoader simple javascript wrapper that will allow you to use PICO-8 web player outstide official Lexaloffle's BBS.


  • Embedding PICO-8 using only one simple javascript command
  • Send button states to web player
  • Pause, Reset cart, Set or toggle volume (mute)
  • Basic and advanced examples included

Notice: Examples will not work without file! Read "Basic usage" for more information!

Basic usage

First download '' from Lexaloffle's BBS ( and place it to the same folder as your html script.

In your html's head load 'picoloader.js' just as you do with other scripts and add div container with ID assigned.

After document is ready, just call PicoLoad([container-id], [cart-file]) like this:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { 
	PicoLoad('container', 'cart.p8.png');

If you are using jQuery you can do the same this way:

$(document).ready(function () {
	PicoLoad('container', 'cart.p8.png');

Advanced usage

If you need more control over your PICO-8 web player, you can use following methods

PicoLoad([element], [cart], [library])

element - you can provide element or element's id (canvas will be created inside that element)
cart - path to cart you want to load
library - if you want to use custom web player library, provide path here

PicoPress([key], [player])

Press the controller's button. Use same code that you are used to in your pico console.
0=LEFT, 1=RIGHT, 2=UP, 3=DOWN, 4=A, 5=B
0/1 as player number

PicoRelease([key], [player])

Release the controller's button. Same usage as PicoPress.


Toggles volume between 0 and 256.


Sets the volume to value between 0 and 255.


Pause or resume PICO-8 machine.


Restarts loaded cart.


PICO-8 web player doesn't allow to change canvas resolution, but you can download pico8.js file and hack it to support whatever resolution you need.

  • download pico8.js from Lexaloffle's BBS (
  • open it up in your favorice code editor and search for c[206279]=580;c[206280]=540;l=580;m=540
  • replace 580 and 540 values with your own
  • load your custom pico8.js instead of default one using PicoLoad command.

Notice: For best results be sure to use multiples of base resolution (145x135)!

Why you have to download js and data files?

Those files are made by Lexaloffle's staff and are certainly not public domain or open-source of any kind. I have created this project just to help people who desperately want to experiment with their PICO-8 games outside official BBS or just publish them on their website. Later, hopefully, official way to embed our games will be available and this little script will become obsolete.


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