Example of getting emotion metrics from a Unity game with Affectiva's plugin.
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This is an example of how to record player emotions in a Unity game using Affectiva's asset. This is written on top of Into The Space which was written by Bug Games. You can get the original on the Unity asset store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/20749

When run, emotion metrics are filed to [yyyyMMdd_HHmmss]PlayerMetrics.csv in the project's root file (where yyyyMMdd_HHmmss is replaced with the date and time the game began).

Setup project in Unity

git clone https://www.github.com/Affectiva/IntoTheSpace.git Open the cloned repository in unity. File -> Open Scenes -> 2DSpaceShooterExample/CompleteProject/_SS_Scenes/Scene_01 . Import the Affdex asset (download it from the getting started section of the developer portal).

Affdex Unity Asset Documentation :

Instructions on how to emotion enable a game (with examples) is here: http://developer.affectiva.com/unity/