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How to upgrade?

If you want to upgrade you sdk to the lastest, please check the following points:


The latest version is v5.0.4, you can upgrade sdk by CocoaPods and Carthage.

For example:

if you use CocoaPods, please make sure you pod repo contains v5.0.4, you can use pod search AffirmSDK to check it. Otherwise, you should update pod repo before upgrade.

Fetch updated library

If you already use specific sdk version in Podfile, please modify the line related to affirmSDK as follows:

pod 'AffirmSDK', '~> 5.0.4'

Otherwise, just use pod update AffirmSDK in terminal to update AffirmSDK.

Make code changes against the new SDK API

  • AffirmConfiguration can be setup with simplified method. Current implementation is as follows:

    [[AffirmConfiguration sharedInstance] configureWithPublicKey:@"PUBLIC_API_KEY" environment:AffirmEnvironmentSandbox];

    AffirmConfiguration *config = [AffirmConfiguration configurationWithPublicAPIKey:@"PUBLIC_API_KEY" environment:AffirmEnvironmentSandbox]; [AffirmConfiguration setSharedConfiguration:config];

  • AffirmCheckoutType was deprecated, no need to pass this paramter when start checkout. Activity indicator was built into the webview controller, automatically show/hidden according to the loading progress. Current implementation is as follows:

    AffirmCheckoutViewController *checkoutVC = [AffirmCheckoutViewController startCheckout:checkout delegate:self];

    AffirmCheckoutViewController *checkoutVC = [AffirmCheckoutViewController startCheckout:checkout checkoutType:AffirmCheckoutTypeAutomatic useVCN:NO delegate:self];

  • AffirmErrorModal was deprecated. Developer can handle callback flexibly when checkout creation was failed.

    - (void)checkout:(AffirmCheckoutViewController *)checkoutViewController didFailWithError:(NSError *)error;

    - (void)checkout:(AffirmCheckoutViewController *)checkoutVC creationFailedWithError:(NSError *)error

  • AffirmAsLowAsButton is modified to AffirmPromotionalButton. Current implementation is as follows:

     AffirmPromotionalButton *button = [[AffirmPromotionalButton alloc] initWithPromoID:@"promoID"

    AffirmPromotionalButton now suppports Interface builder.

    presentingViewController must implement AffirmPrequalDelegate.

  • AffirmAsLowAsData was deprecated. Promotional information is modified from AffirmPromoRequest, the processing of attribute text is encapsulated in AffirmPromotionalButton.

  • AffirmPrequalDelegate provides a callback when prequalify flow fails.

  • totalAmount was renamed to payoutAmount and total was renamed to totalAmount in AffirmCheckout Class.

Rebuild and ship

Rebuild you project, if there is no compile error and AffirmSDK work as you expected. Congratulations! you can ship it now.

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