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Factorio Standard Library Project
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Factorio Standard Library Project


The Factorio Standard Library is a project to bring Factorio modders high-quality, commonly-required utilities and tools that developers have been often copying around, remixing, and rewriting poor quality copies of. Factorio mods often re-implement basic tools like logging, math calculations, and position or area manipulation. These common operations can be a subtle source of errors and their regular occurance has encouraged the creation of the Factorio Stdlib, as a toolbox and set of utilities for modders. Factorio Standard Library APIs are all unit-tested, documented, and high quality, and written to be simple and straightforward for the earliest beginners and seasoned developers alike.


  1. Download the latest release of the stdlib
  2. Unpack the archive, and copy the stdlib/ directory into your base mod directory
  3. In your control.lua or other lua modules, you can import the stdlib modules you need.


See the wiki for an introduction and usage/examples.

See the github pages for the latest generated documentation of the Factorio-stdlib

Generating the documentation from source

  1. Install ldoc (apt-get install lua-ldoc on debian/ubuntu), see project for other operating systems
  2. Generate the docs with ldoc src/*. Documentation will be placed in docs/

Unit Tests

The codebase is tested with busted. Test specifications are located under spec/


Contributions are welcome! Please follow general lua coding standards and include ldoc-compatible comments.

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