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1 parent ba1ce37 commit 6a509411205ec35c09536f892adf029bb50353b3 @spocke spocke committed Mar 10, 2011
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-Version 3.4 (2011-02-xx)
+Version 3.4 (2011-03-10)
Added accessibility example with various accessibility options contributed by Ephox.
Fixed bug where attributes wasn't properly handled in the xhtmlxtras plugin.
Fixed bug where the image.htm had some strange td artifacts probably due to auto merging.
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Version 3.4 (2011-02-xx)
Fixed bug where multiple BR elements at end of block elements where removed.
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin wouldn't correctly display the edit area on IE6 for long pages.
Fixed bug where paste plugin wouldn't properly encode raw entities when pasting in plain text mode.
+ Fixed bug where the search/replace plugin wouldn't work correctly on IE 9.
Fixed so the drop menus doesn't get an outline border visible when focused, patch contributed by Ephox.
Fixed so the values entered in the color picker are forced to hex values.
Removed dialog workaround for IE 9 beta since the RC is now out and people should upgrade.

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