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Gathering projects for AfricaHackTrip Nairobi Hackathon. Send your pull requests!
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AfricaHackTrip: Nairobi Hackathon

Welcome to the Nairobi Hackathon! If you want to edit a proposal for you project, fork & edit this page. You must be signed in to your github account (free) to edit this page.


10:30 Intro & Proposals 
13:00 Lunch, quick recap
16:00 Snacks
17:30 Result Presentations



description to be added


  • owners: Vicky
  • participants: add your handle here
  • repository: add repository URL here


JavaScript/HTML5 app for learning Swahili.

Hardware Hacking - Arduino + Rasberry PI

  • owners: @MichaelGpops @anagrom_ataf
  • participants: @icontentsystems @creativeinc1 @Heca_hatty

Matatu Chat

  • owners: @wandiasilo
  • participants: @olagovincent @xmartin @thuhChief @im_nasi

Hoodie BRCK

Let's see if we can run Hoodie on the BRCK, so we can use web apps loaded from everywhere that connect to the BRCK in my local data, so that it never leaves my network. And Also I can take it with me, create a WiFi hotspot and have people connect and work with it.

  • owners: @gr2m
  • participants: @gr2m, Henriatta
  • repository: add repository URL here

URL shortener

For brand recognizition you will want to have your own url shortener and this is what all this URL Shortener hackathon is all about.


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