This is a nice language to do and I want help and build a compiler. What is util? Look further.
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util...or is it? nibtil

nibtil vs. util

None. All is the same, but the name. Extensions and [util] are kept.


UTIL is no longer UTIL. It is now NIBTIL. Legacy of UTIL is below.

Let's Start

This is a nice language to do and I want help and build a compiler. What is util? Look further. OK. I want to say something which may lead me to ban or something, but please be interested, This language might be the first language to be made, created by a 12 year old (Don't make this a reason for banning) I am over 12.5 years old. Estimated to 13.

What is HTML/UTIL? NIBTIL (New Internet-Based Text Integrated Language) or UTIL (Updated Text, Internet Language) or HTPL (A Programming Language of HTML) is an advanced version of HTML. HTML is a mark-up language, which people argue that it is not a program language. HTPL is not created for this reason. (Well, a little)

Why create UTIL?

UTIL , while is an internet language, but can be used to program and make program. It can be used like HTML, building internet sites and etc. or as a programming language like Java,C and etc.

FAQ/Frequent Critisization (FC)


Q:Internet Language means a language used by people in internet like leet or memes. Why is it called an Internet Language? A:I made it into context of programming language. I didn't think of adding the features I put here, so a name change might begun.

Q:What is this influenced to? A:Well, I don't know. BBCode/"Forum Language" for the borders and I almost add the feature by adding text not using any borders/tags, but I did.

Q:Is this the first PL you created? A:No. I made a language (but not made into compiler) called Sapphire/Saph. I almost made a repo here, but I was afraid people might steal and claim it theirs. It was lost, but now I found it. Check it out here!

Q:How do you know all of this stuff when you are at this age? A:Well, I was thinking to do to these stuffs. I want to have the course Software Engineering/Computer Science. (Name Varies) I tried to delay doing these stuffs, then I saw people at young age who made software stuffs. I then did this stuff.

Q:I am confused by your words. [What do you mean?] A:Yep. Tried to improve. Heard this a lot of times.

Note - The sentences in the FAQ/FC lack words. I cut them off...

Q: What is the file extension of this language? (and Why is this question below the note?) A: The file extension is .util. (Don't mind that.)