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API Aftership .NET SDK

Aftership SDK .NET Version 4.0.11

Before you start

There are two ways of use this SDK, download the package from Nuget, or download the source files from github.

  • If you are using the source files you need to import Newtonsoft.Json, download the library compatible with your OS and .Net version. (Nuget will install the library automatically).
  • Don't forget to import the reference to System.Web, the project reference framework can't be Client Profile (otherwise you won't have access to this library).
  • If you want to run the test (using the source), you also need NUnit.Framework


Is a good practice to control the exceptions throws by ConnectionAPI, they will give you information of what was wrong.

Examples of code

using System;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
using Aftership.Enums;
using System.Collections.Generic;
//Create an instance of ConnectionAPI using the token of the user
ConnectionAPI connection = new ConnectionAPI("a61d6204-6477-???-93ec-????????");

//create a new tracking to add to our account
Tracking newTracking = new Tracking ("7126900292");
newTracking.slug = "dhl";
newTracking.title = "this is a test";
newTracking.addEmails ("");
newTracking.addEmails ("");
newTracking.customerName = "Mr Smith";
newTracking.destinationCountryISO3 = ISO3Country.HKG;
newTracking.orderID = "10000";
newTracking.orderIDPath = "";
newTracking.trackingAccountNumber = "1234567";
newTracking.trackingPostalCode = "28046";
newTracking.trackingShipDate = "today";
newTracking.addCustomFields("product","iphone 5");

//before adding it, lets try to delete (otherwise maybe it would fail if already exist)
	//is important to catch the exceptions and read the messages,
	//it will give you information why the transactions went wrong
		Console.Write("Tracking deleted!!");
}catch(Exception e){
	Console.Write (e.Message);

//now lets add the tracking
Tracking trackingAdded = connection.createTracking(newTracking);

//the tracking is added, it return a Tracking with the information
//that the system have of the tracking (probably it won't have the
//Checkpoints, cause the system didn't have time to retrieve them from
//the couriers, so we can retrieve the Tracking
Tracking trackingGet = connection.getTrackingByNumber (trackingAdded);

//trackingGet will have all the information we want (including checkpoints)
// there is 2 ways of get the tracking:
//	* by id
//	* by slug, tracking number and optinally required params

//example id:
Tracking trackingGet1 = new Tracking("");//you dont care about tracking number = "53be255bfdacaaae7b17834b";
Tracking tracking3 = connection.getTrackingByNumber(trackingGet1);

//example slug, tracking:
Tracking trackingGet2 = new Tracking("RC328021065CN");
trackingGet2.slug = "canada-post";
connection.getTrackingByNumber (trackingGet2);

//example slug,tracking + required fields
Tracking trackingGet3 = new Tracking("RT406182863DE");
trackingGet3.slug = "deutsch-post";
trackingGet3.trackingShipDate = "20140627";
connection.getTrackingByNumber (trackingGet3);

//example ge trackings for our account, the 1 means get the first 100, 
//with a 2 we would get from 100 to 200 etc
List<Tracking> listTrackings = connection.getTrackings (1);
Console.WriteLine ("Number of trackings-> "+listTrackings.Count);
for (i = 0; i < listTrackings.Count; i++) {
	Console.WriteLine (listTrackings [i].ToString ());

//example get only the trackings from Spain
ParametersTracking param1 = new ParametersTracking();
//in param1 we add all the options we want
List<Tracking> totalSpain =connection.getTrackings(param1);

####2015-05-11 v5.0.0

  • Change the way we deal with dates, so differents Date Culture don't have any issues.
  • The user will receive the date to String in their local Timezone breaking change
  • Change dependencies:
    • NewtonSoft 8.0.1 (latest stable). breaking change

####2015-05-11 v4.0.11

  • Rearrange all the code (we wont bump the version cause is the same).

####2015-05-11 v4.0.11

  • Change dependecies:
    • Delete dependencies Microsoft added automatically not needed.
  • Delete a line printing the request to the Aftership server.

####2015-05-11 v4.0.9

  • Change dependencies:
    • NewtonSoft 6.0.8 (latest stable).
    • Change the test framework to Microsoft unitesting (instead of use Nunit).
    • Delete dependencies, now only need Newtonsoft.Json and System.

####2015-01-05 v4.0.8

  • Dependencies:
    • Newtonsoft.Json 3.5.8
    • System.Web
    • System.Net
    • System


Copyright (c) 2015 Aftership
Licensed under the MIT license.

For Aftership developers

Generate a new version of the project in Nuget:

  • Mofify the file Aftership-API.nuspec with the new version (as 4.0.5) in the same directory as the *.csproj file (c# project file).
  • Dowload Nuget.exe (in Windows).
  • Run with cmd at the directory as the *.nuspec is: nuget pack sample.csproj
  • That generates an *.nupkg file. This is the file we have to upload to the the Nuget library.
  • Before generate the *.nupkg, clean and build the solution, otherwise the changes won't be updated.
  • For load a .nupkg from source execute in the Package Manager Console Install-Package Aftership -Source Z:\Users\jesus\git\aftership-net\Aftership-API