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aftership-sdk-python is Python SDK (module) for AfterShip API. Module provides clean way to access API endpoints.


Current version of aftership-sdk-python >=0.3 not compatible with previous version of sdk <=0.2.

Also, version since 1.0 is not support Python 2.X anymore. If you want to use this SDK under Python 2.X, please use versions <1.0.

Supported Python Versions

  • 3.6
  • 3.7
  • 3.8
  • 3.9
  • 3.10
  • pypy3


Via pip

Use Virtual Environment

We recommend using a virtualenv or poem to use this SDK.

Via source code

Download the code archive, without unzip it, go to the source root directory, then run:


You need a valid API key to use this SDK. If you don't have one, please visit

Quick Start

The following code gets list of supported couriers

You can also set API key via setting AFTERSHIP_API_KEY environment varaible.

The functions of the SDK will return data field value if the API endpoints return response with HTTP status 2XX, otherwise will throw an exception.


Exceptions are mapped from, and this table is the exception attributes mapping.

API error AfterShipError
http status code http_status
meta.code code
meta.type message

Keyword arguments

Most of SDK functions only accept keyword arguments.


Goto examples to see more examples.