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This is a library to parse public manga sites.


Repositories (manga sharing websites like MangaFox) have multiple series, series have chapters and chapters have pages. Pages can be queried for the their image, which is returned as a byte array.

Each call to Get[Series|Chapters|Pages|Image]Async results in the corresponding page from the repository being downloaded and the HTML parsed - expect those calls to take in the order of seconds.

var repository = EatMangaRepository.Instance
var series = await repository.GetSeriesAsync();

var selectedSeries = series[0];
var chapters = await selectedSeries.GetChaptersAsync();

var selectedChapter = chapters[0];
var pages = await selectedChapter.GetPagesAsync();

var selectedPage = pages[0];
var imageBytes = await selectedPage.GetImageAsync();

var suggestedPath = selectedPage.SuggestPath("C:\\WhereToSaveImage");

Repositories can also be searched like so:

var repository = EatMangaRepository.Instance
var series = await repository.SearchSeriesAsync("Series name");
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