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Standard development and production environment: Ansible playbooks, config files, tool scripts
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This repository contains the Agalmic Ventures standard development environment. Everything from install scripts and configuration files to basic development and operations scripts are included.

What's Included

Configs (configs/)

Standard configuration files for bash, vim, etc. which are installed as a part of the standard environment.

C++ (cpp/)

Snippets of generally useful C++. Some are standalone programs which maybe be executed directly (see cpp/ for details).

Licenses (licenses/)

Copies of the MIT license in a variety of language formats are included for use with the script (see below).

Playbooks (playbooks/)

Ansible playbooks for configuring development and production environments, including security hardening and standard installations of common services.

Scripts (scripts/)

Python and shell scripts for automating common development and operations tasks.

For example, there is a pipeline for running parallel simulations by generating all combations of values as JSON objects, using those to instantiate templates, then running a process with each configuration, up to the maximum parallelism supported by the processor.

SQL (sql/)

Stubs of SQL scripts for setting up a database environment in PostgreSQL.

System (system/)

System files, usually for Linux, such as udev rules.

Getting Started

The best way to install this environment is to run the playbooks/create_user.yml Ansible playbook on the desired user@host. It will copy all files to where they need to be and install necessary symlinks so configurations will just work.

To bootstrap the first copy, clone this repository to ~/Code/OpenSource/Environment and run the playbook on the local user.

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