PIMGento API is a Magento 1 extension that allows you to import your catalog from Akeneo API into Magento 1. https://www.pimgento.com/
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PIMGento (API)

PIMGento (API) is a Magento extension that allows you to import your catalog from Akeneo API into Magento.

You can discover PIMGento (API) on the official website.

The first version of the PIMGento connector will not be maintained anymore.


PIMGento (API) complete documentation is available here.

You can also watch the video demonstration dedicated to the connector here.

Akeneo API complete documentation is available here.

How it works

PIMGento (API) fetches data from Akeneo API and insert data directly in Magento database.

In this way, it makes imports very fast and doesn't disturb your e-commerce website.

With PIMGento (API) , you can import :

  • Categories
  • Families
  • Attributes
  • Options
  • Product Model (Akeneo >= 2.0)
  • Family Variant (Akeneo >= 2.0)
  • Products
  • Assets (Magento EE & Akeneo >= 2.0)


  • Akeneo PIM >= 2.0 (CE & EE)
  • Magento >= 1.9 CE
  • Magento >= 1.14 EE
  • Database encoding must be UTF-8

Installation, Configuration and Usage

If you want to know how to install, configure or use PIMGento (API), please check how to... section. We advise you to start here! If you want to migrate from the PIMGento CSV connector to this one, please follow our migration guide.


You can consult our roadmap here.

About us

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