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This app is deprecated

Phalcon PHP API reference application

This application was developed using the Phalcon.

Backend part is console app which parse the Phalcon C-sources to generate API docs.



  • generator uses PHP ReflectionClass, so its possible to generate API only for currently installed Phalcon version
  • there are no default values for methods arguments
  • there are no properties descriptions 'cause they are absent in the sources


  • host the sources on GitHub done
  • improve the parser to get rid of ReflectionClass
  • some more improve parser to get default values for methods arguments
  • multilingual support
  • search for methods and properties

###CLI usage

> cd /path/to/app
> php console.php genapi

or with params

> php console.php genapi -g -o -b master -u your-login:your-pass

####Available CLI options

--help        -h   Help
--github      -g   Should use GitHub, otherwise use filesystem directory
--branch      -b   GitHub branch. It will use current Phalcon version if not set
--user        -u   GitHub user name or e-mail and password <user>:<pass>
--overwrite   -o   Should be set to overwrite existing data
--dir         -d   Path to filesystem directory or GitHub path to source files. This option overrides config value