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Based on objective-zip library by Flying Dolphin Studio. I removed ZLib source code and added dependency on the shared libz.dylib library available in iOS and Mac OS X.
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Latest commit c1fec43 May 9, 2013 @roustem roustem Merge pull request #6 from mz2/master
Fixed an subtle issue causing files with certain Unicode characters not be found from a ZipFile
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TestApp Changing test app to use new method signature. Apr 20, 2011

This is a copy of objective-zip library developed by Flying Dolphin Studio.

The following changes were made:

  • Test application was moved into its own folder. Simply add MiniZip and Objective-Zip folders to your project.
  • ZLib source code was removed and replaced with the shared libz.dylib library available on both Mac OS X and iOS.
  • Weak encryption code in MiniZip library was explicitly disabled by removing crypt.h and defining NOCRYPT and NOUNCRYPT.
  • Compiler warnings reported by LLVM 2.0 compiler (Xcode 4) were fixed.

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