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Stock portfolio

Implement the following user story using Outside-In TDD starting from an acceptance test.

Portfolio User Story

As a customer of our stock exchange broker

I would like to see my current portfolio

So I can better plan my financial strategy

Portfolio scenario

We need to provide a class able to record the buy and sell operations of a customer and display the information as per the acceptance criteria. For simplicity, you can assume it should work for just one user at a time.

Print portfolio criteria

Given I bought 1000 shares of "Old School Waterfall Software LTD" on 14/02/1990

and I bought 400 shares of "Crafter Masters Limited" on 09/06/2016

and I bought 700 shares of "XP Practitioners Incorporated" on 10/12/2018

and I sold 500 shares of "Old School Waterfall Software LTD" on 11/12/2018

and the current share value of "Old School Waterfall Software LTD" is $5.75

and the current share value of "Crafter Masters Limited" is $17.25

and the current share value of "XP Practitioners Incorporated" is $25.55

When I print my current portfolio

Then the outcome displayed should be:

company | shares | current price | current value | last operation

Old School Waterfall Software LTD | 500 | $5.75 | $2,875.00 | sold 500 on 11/12/2018

Crafter Masters Limited | 400 | $17.25 | $6,900.00 | bought 400 on 09/06/2016

XP Practitioners Incorporated | 700 | $25.55 | $17,885.00 | bought 700 on 10/12/2018

Sorted by first operation date ascending.

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