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For the NHS HLP Social Prescribing and Self Care Wiki


in 2017 the AgileVentures charity was awarded a contract on a tender put out by the NHS HLP Proactive Care team to build a wiki to support knowledge management for commissioners (UK clinical folks who assign budgets to pay for health related services throughout the UK) and other interested stakeholders working with Social Prescribing in the UK. Social Prescribing, sometimes referred to as community referral, is a means of enabling GPs, nurses and other staff working in the health and care sectors to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services.

The wiki went live on May 4th 2017, and AgileVentures continues to host, maintain, moderate and develop the wiki. Here are some documents on the original design and development process.

Original Design Sprint blogs

Original Bitnami/Azure Mediawiki deployment process

Current Status

We've migrated from bitnami/azure to a dokku/azure deployment process, which should make future upgrades to the underlying mediawiki software easier, as well as ensuring that all the configuration for the system is versioned. The system architecture can now be represented like this:


We're working on organising our documentation which can currently be found in the docs folder in this repo.


High level work is organised in a Trello board and lower level technical details are managed in the issues of this repo.

To get the app up on a dokku system

Useful commands:

Get a list of apps:

$ ssh apps:list

Get a list of domains:

$ ssh domains:report

Connect local repo to the place to deploy:

$ git remote add azure-develop

Setting up MySQL

  1. Follow instructions at (requires admin access to remote)
  2. dokku mysql:create mediawiki
  3. dokku mysql:link mediawiki hlpwiki-develop ... may need to follow:


for the NHS HLP Social Prescribing and Self Care Wiki






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