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Video Call App built with ❤️Agora SDK❤️ and Vue
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Agora Video Call

This repository gives you an example about how to integrate AgoraRTC SDK with VueJs to realize a simple video chat application (just like Skype). You can find React version here

With this sample app, you can:

  • Join a meeting room contains 7 people at most (audiences will not be counted) with custom configuration
Type Options
Identity Audience/Audio-Only/Video
Resolution Go to Document Center for detail
Transcode VP8, H264 (for safari)
Channel Name As you please
  • Disable/Enable video and audio
  • Two kinds of layout
  • Hide remote window
  • Share screen (Install chrome extension first.)
  • Leave the room

Running the App

First, create a developer account at, and obtain an App ID.

Update "agora.config.js" in "/src" with your App ID.

export const AGORA_APP_ID = 'abcdefg'

Then download our SDK 'AgoraRTC-*.js', rename it to 'AgoraRTC.js' and put it under the path '/src/library/'. Now we use cdn to get sdk. You do not have to download it by yourself any more.

Run npm to install dependency.

# install dependency
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
npm run start

# build for production with minification
npm run build

Contact Us

  • You can find full API document at Document Center
  • You can file bugs about this demo at issue


The MIT License (MIT).

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