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Sample projects for the Agora RTC Native SDK

English | 中文


This repository contains sample projects for the Agora RTC Native SDK, including the following platforms:

Platform Language Project Location SDK
Android Java /Android/APIExample RTC Java Video SDK
Android Java /Android/APIExample-Audio RTC Java Audio SDK
iOS Swift /iOS/APIExample RTC Objective-C Video SDK
iOS Swift /iOS/APIExample-Audio RTC Objective-C Audio SDK
macOS Swift /macOS RTC Objective-C Video SDK
Windows C++ /windows RTC C++ Video SDK

You can refer to each individual platform to learn more about the projects.


If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the sample projects, feel free to file an issue.

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  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated real use case.
  • Repositories managed by developer communities can be found at Agora Community.
  • If you encounter problems during integration, feel free to ask questions in Stack Overflow.


The sample projects are under the MIT license.