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Latest commit

* [Android]fix bytedance beauty mirror bug

* update Scene Beuaty

* update Byte Beauty

* update fu Beauty

* Update

* Update

* [Android]fix faceunity beauty bug(CSSA-1070)

* [Android]remove inaccurate comment.

* [Android]perfect sense time beauty implement.

* [Android]adapte to 4.2.0.

* Adaptive PCM acquisition

* Add Record Moudle

* add voice formant adjust

* add video background effect

* [Android]add MediaRecorder case

* Adaptive multi-channel camera

* modify module name

* [Android]perfect MediaRecorder case

* choose screen share frameRate

* add videoProcess remote alpha mask

* [Android]add LocalVideoTranscoding case.

* [Android]add more voice configs for VoiceEffects

* [Android]add virtual background video source type for VideoProcessExtension.

* [Android]add ScreenScenarioType selector for ScreenSharing.

* [Android]update rtc version to 4.2.0 in config files

* [Android][Audio]adapt to 4.2.0 sdk.

* replace video source

* Fit the 4.2.0 Mac SDK

* add local and remote record module

* fix  record stop bug

* add virtual video background

* Mac Add local composite graph moudle

* add screen share fps choose

* open remote video alpha mask

* Fit the 4.2.0 audio-only SDK

* set voice formant

* modify mediaplayer url

* update mac media player url

* [Windows]adapt to 420 sdk and add media recoder case.

* [Windows]fix bugs of media recorder case.

* update scene resouces

* [Windows]perfect local video transcoding case.

* [Windows]add voice conversion config to beauty audio case.

* [Windows]add virtual background type choices to beauty case.

* [Windows]add screen capture scenario config.

* add video resource

* update video resource

* [Android]update test video url and file reader.

* [Android]perfect local video transcoding case

* add smaplebufferredner init method

* add multi video track moudle

* fix scene beauty change frameRate bug

* update role bug

* fix rawVideoData snapshot bug

* update save video path

* update rtmp error bug

* [Android]fix sceneTimeBeauty crash and default video resolution size problem.

* fix voice changer bug

* [Android]perfect third part beauty cases

* fix pcm play bug

* [Android]fix NMS-11565

* update script

* update script

* update exportplist file

* update script

* update scene bug

* update exportPlist file

* update exportplist file

* update script

* update script

* [Android]perfect third part beauty cases

* [Android]fix setting crash

* update script

* add logpath

* update script

* update script

* update script

* update script

* update script

* pip remote video  muted replace image

* update audio example bundle id

* update script

* update mac exportplist file

* fix mac raw video data snapshot bug

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* update mac script

* [Windows]add PushExternalVideoYUV case.

* [Windows]fix PushExternalVideoYUV bugs.

* [Windows]add MultiVideoSourceTracks case.

* update script

* [Windows]perfect MultiVideoSourceTrack case and fix some bugs.

* [Windows]fix bug - NMS-11562

* [Windows]fix yuv raw data bug.

* [Android]add push video buffer type selector for PushExternalVideoYUV case.

* [Android]update gradle config.

* [Android]fix beauty bug in arm64.

* [Android]fix render bug in arm64

* [Android]remove ndk filter limit.

* [Windows]fix crash of switching between LiveBroadcast and AgoraScreenCapture; fix local render bug of resuming PushExternalVideoYUV.

* [Windows]perfect screen sharing case(NMS-11314) and fix some bugs.

* [Windows]fix sample res bug.

* update mac  readme

* update screen share exclude window params

* update README

* update README.

* [Android]update README.

* fix pip Android publish stream rotation 90°

* fix ci remove sources bug

* update sign mode

* update auto sign

* update script

* update script

* [Android]update byte dance camera facing config.

* fix pip display bug

* update beauty params

* Add pip version tips

* [Android]perfect MultiVideoSourceTracks case and fix some bugs.

* [Windows]fix statistic display bug and etc.

* update recorder api

* update recorder api

* pip support BGRA encode

* [Android]adjust MediaRecorder case and etc.

* [Android]fix mirror bug of scene time and face unity.

* update english content

* [Android]fix ci bug.

* [Windows]adjust media recorder api.

* support pip i420

* update new sdk

* update exportPlist file

* [Android]fix token/app id input bug.

* [Android]fix push timestamp bug(NMS-12801)

* [Android]fix sensetime sticker oritation bug.

* enable filters

* fix custom capturer audio crash bug

* fix mutil capturer video bug

* fix custom video capturer publish streaming bug

* [Android]fix video filter invalid bug.

* [Android]remove publishCameraTrack=false

* [Windows]fix beauty external bug.

* Adapt to new versions

* [Windows]use timestamp of getCurrentMonotonicTimeInMs api to pushVideoFrame.

* update sdk version to 4.2.0

* [Windows]update sdk link.

* update azure ci


Co-authored-by: zhaoyongqiang <>
Co-authored-by: Qianze Zhang <>

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Sample projects for the Agora RTC Native SDK

English | 中文


This repository contains sample projects for the Agora RTC Native SDK, including the following platforms:

Platform Language Project Location SDK
Android Java /Android/APIExample RTC Java Video SDK
Android Java /Android/APIExample-Audio RTC Java Audio SDK
iOS Swift /iOS/APIExample RTC Objective-C Video SDK
iOS Swift /iOS/APIExample-Audio RTC Objective-C Audio SDK
macOS Swift /macOS RTC Objective-C Video SDK
Windows C++ /windows RTC C++ Video SDK

You can refer to each individual platform to learn more about the projects.


If you have any problems or suggestions regarding the sample projects, feel free to file an issue.

Related resources

  • Check our FAQ to see if your issue has been recorded.
  • Dive into Agora SDK Samples to see more tutorials.
  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated real use case.
  • Repositories managed by developer communities can be found at Agora Community.
  • If you encounter problems during integration, feel free to ask questions in Stack Overflow.


The sample projects are under the MIT license.