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Advanced Video

This Project has been deprecated and archived. We will stop maintain it. Please look at for latest Agora Samples.

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Agora provides a set of sample applications demonstrating how to get advanced video features integrated into your application using the Agora Video SDK.

Sample applications are provided for Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows.

Platforms Supported

Project Folder Name Platform Description
Andorid Android Android advanced features including custom video sources, switch video inputs, customized packet encryption, push interface
iOS&macOS iOS & macOS iOS & macOS advanced features including large group video chat, custom media device, raw data API, screen sharing, video source, AR kit.
Windows Windows Windows advanced features including media source, screen sharing, string account, large group video chat.
Web Web Web advanced features including custom video source, screen sharing, large group video chat, remote control.

Contact Us

  • For potential issues, take a look at our FAQ first
  • Dive into Agora SDK Samples to see more tutorials
  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated real use case
  • Repositories managed by developer communities can be found at Agora Community
  • You can find full API documentation at Document Center
  • If you encounter problems during integration, you can ask question in Stack Overflow
  • You can file bugs about this sample at issue


All sample applications are licensed under the MIT License (MIT). View the license.