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Agora Web Remote Control Demo

English | 中文

This is a web based remote control demo, built on AgoraRTCSDK and AgoraRTMSDK.

How to use

This demo has 2 parts:

- The desktop app based on `Electron` 
- The website app based on `ReactJS`

The desktop app is the controlled end, which will publish its screen-sharing stream and execute control signals from the website app. The website app is the controller end, which will subscribe the remote screen-sharing sharing and sends control signals based on captured mouse/keyboard events.

When using, you need to open the desktop app first and click As the controlled device. After the connection is established, the app will show your current channel and password. Then open the website app on another device and enter the current channel and password.

This demo only supports one to one remote control

How to build

  • wrc-desktop and wrc-website are two different projects and need to be built respectively.
  • you will need to manually update your APPID into the code before building the code.

build wrc-website

  • edit ./src/constant.ts , update the APPID
# install dependencies

# run website app in localhost (development mode)
yarn start

# build website app (production mode with minification)
yarn build

The build output can be found in the build folder.

build wrc-desktop

  • Edit ./src/renderer/constant.ts, update the APPID. If you need, update the WRC_WEBSITE. This variable will be used to open the online website app
# install dependencies

# run desktop app in development mode 
yarn start

# build and pack desktop app (production mode with minification)
yarn make

because of a bug from electron-forge,you must have run yarn start at least once before running yarn make

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