Hello world for Agora SDK(Video Calling)


Agora Android Tutorial

Project Description

This 10-step tutorial will help you get video chat integrated directly into your Android applications using the Agora.io Real Time Communications SDK. This first app includes the following features:

  • Make 1:1 Video Call
  • Mute
  • Video Mute (Camera Off)
  • Switch Camera
  • Hang Up

Developer Environment Requirements

  • Android Studio 2.0 or above
  • Real devices (Nexus 5X or other devices)
  • Note: Android simulator is NOT supported for rendering video, which is a requirement of this app


  1. Create a developer account and obtain an App ID at http://www.agora.io
  2. Update "app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml" with your App ID
  3. Download the Android SDK from the "Getting Started" tab
  4. Unzip the downloaded SDK package and copy the "*.jar" to "app/libs", "arm64-v8a"/"x86"/"armeabi-v7a" to "app/src/main/jniLibs"


This is an introduction to the Agora.io Real Communications SDK on Android. You can also find Agora.io Real Time Communications SDK for other platforms: Web, iOS, Windows, and macOS(OSX) at http://www.agora.io. From here, you can start building applications and integrate video chat.