Hello world for Agora macOS SDK(Video Calling) in Swift
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Agora Mac Tutorial Swift



This tutorial is written in Swift. You can also find an equivalent Objective-C tutorial.

Project Description

This 12-step tutorial will help you get video chat integrated directly into your Mac (Cocoa) applications using the Agora.io Real Time Communications SDK. This first app includes the following features:

  • Make 1:1 Video Call
  • Mute
  • Video Mute (Camera Off)
  • Device Selection
  • Screen Share
  • Hang Up

Developer Environment Requirements

  • Apple XCode version 6.0 or higher
  • OSX 10.0 SDK or higher


  1. Create a developer account and obtain an App ID at http://www.agora.io
  2. Update "AppID.swift" with your App ID
  3. Download the Mac SDK from the "Getting Started" tab
  4. Unzip the downloaded SDK package and copy the "libs" folder to the project folder


This is an introduction to the Agora.io Real Communications SDK on Mac. You can also find Agora.io Real Time Communications SDK for other platforms: Web, iOS, Android, and Windows at http://www.agora.io. From here, you can start building applications and integrate video chat.