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Java C++ Makefile


OpenVideoCall is a demo of Agora Video SDK - Android

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Build Instructions

Java 8 SDK/Android SDK/NDK tools need to be ready on you host machine, if you does not have them ready, follow instructions here:

We use Gradle/Jack and Jill to build, if you want know more about Gradle/Jack and Jill, follow instructions here:

NOTICE: before building, you need to

  1. update your App ID at app/src/main/res/values/strings_config.xml


    you can get your own ID at

  2. If you get source code directly from GitHub, you need to copy library and header files from Agora SDK package to your project, follow below instructions.

    update libraries at app/libs(.jar) and app/src/main/libs(.so), update header files at app/src/main/cpp/agora, check PLACEHOLDER for details

    If you get source code from Agora SDK package, we have already configured it well, just build and run it.

Gradle build instructions

./gradlew assembleDebug

This will generate the APK, you need to install and run this APK on Android devices.

Or just use the one step command to build and install

./gradlew installDebug

Enjoy video calling