The Ruleset for Agora Nomic
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The Agoran Rulesets

This is some very simple code to generate textual rulesets. Currently, it is implemented in Python, but previous Rulekeepors have written very similar code in Haskell and Ruby.


  1. If desired, create a Python virtual environment. This page does a very good job explaining how to do so.
  2. Once you are inside your virtual environment, run pip install -r requirements.txt to get all dependencies (currently only PyYaml).

That's all there is to it.

The Folders

Here is a quick summary of what each of the folders in this repository do:

  • config: There are several files here that control how the rule text is generated.
  • proposals: Every proposal that is relevant to the current ruleset is stored here in order to generate rule change annotations.
  • rulekeep: This houses code that I didn't want to include in because it would make it very long.
  • ruleset: Scores of rules that have been or are in the ruleset, along with their text and a changelist.

How This Thing Works generates rulesets. If you just run python, however, you will recieve an error. That's because there are a few arguments you need to know. These just need to be added as a second word.

  • s: generate a Short Logical Ruleset
  • f: generate a Full Logical Ruleset

You'll notice a folder called "meta" is created on the first run. Data is stored here to make generating a ruleset take less time and be less processor-intensive. It does this by storing each rule's generated text in a file. On successive runs, it will check to see if the file's contents are the same as before, and it will only generate new rule text if they are not.

If you want to regenerate the ruleset from scratch, however, run with the r argument.