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Is a skeleton of a "Large" Flask application with Twitter bootstrap integration.

New project name

Please update the remote URL

$ git remote set-url origin


$ git remote set-url origin

Index pic ** index.html **

Code Status

Build Status


  • Python 2.7 or 2.6
  • Sqlite
  • pip

Getting started

Clone the repo to your computer in the desired folder:

$ git clone

Use the requirements.txt to start dependencies in your virtualenv:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Start the server:

$ fab run
$ fab grun # for gunicorn server

Open the browser; http://localhost:5000 or with the terminal(OS X):

$ open http://localhost:5000

Initialize db

Set the db parameters in the or in the production.cfg file and start python interactive shell within the flask environment:

$ fab shell
>>> db.create_all()
>>> exit()

note: You must first create the database in Postgresql. From running this command on heroku, you will need to use heroku run "fab shell"

Unit testing

Add unittests to the file and then start running the tests:

$ fab tests

Production Configuration

To activate the production configuration; export the variable:

$ export PRODUCTION_SETTINGS=/path/to/

***For Heroku using gunicorn and production settings, do the following:***.

Heroku Postgresql Database as primary, Check heroku.

$ heroku config:set PYTHONPATH='fakepath'
$ heroku config:add PRODUCTION_SETTINGS='application/'

Alembic Migrations

The flask-bootstrap skeleton now supports migrations using Alembic and Flask-SQLAlchemy. Auto Generating Migrations are working!

$ alembic revision --autogenerate -m "Added users table"


  1. Fork the repository on Github.
  2. Send a pull request and don't forget to add yourself to the file.


v0.4.1 / 2013/03/07

  • Alembic Migrations.

v0.4 / 2013/03/07

  • Heroku ready
  • requirements.
  • Error pages.
  • bootstrap 2.3

v0.3 / 2013/01/06

  • Python 2.6 support.
  • Shell script.
  • gunicorn ready.
  • Sqlite ready for dev/testing environment.
  • db directory for Sqlite db's

v0.2 / 2012/12/28

  • Add Unittests
  • License
  • Configuration files
  • index.html template

v0.1 / 2012/12/22

  • Create Flask-Bootstrap skeleton.
  • Add Twitter bootstrap 2.2.2 to project.
  • Add SQLAlchemy to default skeleton.


  • Add Flask-Security Support
  • Add support for multiple python versions.
  • Add a mock library for testing
  • support for many db's.
  • More...